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11 Of The Most Magical Places To Experience Christmas Around The World

It’s getting to be that time of year. You know, that time in the season when we’re fully embracing the holiday spirit. The smell of pine and the warmth of a cozy fireplace sound like heaven. We’re starting to get out our decorations and choosing wrappings and bows for our presents to our loved ones. Yep – it’s Christmas time alright! Today, we’re getting in the holiday spirit and sharing a round up of some of the most magical places to experience Christmas around the world.

Nuremberg, Germany

Germany is well-loved for its famous Christmas Market – and Nuremberg is the king of them all! Visit the stalls right in the middle of the city to collect one of a kind gifts for your dearest loved ones. Gingerbread houses, quaint, snow laden cottages and aged churches ringing holiday tunes. Nuremberg has been titled “Germany’s Christmas City” for a reason… time to see why for yourself!


Lapland, Finland

Is there a snowier, more magical location in the world to experience Christmas morning? We think not! Imagine seeing the sky enveloped in the northern lights as Santa’s sleigh dashes across the sky. It’s what dreams are made of… and what adult vacations are made for.


Zurich, Switzerland

Around Christmas time, Zurich adopts a warm glow, the smell of cinnamon and the ringing tones of carols around the corners of every avenue. Zurich’s Lichterschwimmen candle-floating event is not to be missed… but neither is its adorably picturesque town squares covered in snow!

Vatican City, Rome

Attending Christmas Mass in the Vatican City is quite a bucket list item, if we do say so ourselves! Candlelit vigils, magical songs and families from around the world celebrating the reason for the season. Need we say more?


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo might not be the first city on every Christmas holiday vacation list… but we truly believe it should be! The city is covered with incredible light displays, stores are stocked with quirky, cool gifts and well-lit trees tower over the modern city scape.

Reykjavík, Iceland

Another dream destination for anyone wishing to see the Northern Lights over the holidays! But we are even bigger fans of Reykjavík’s tradition of reading books the night of Christmas Eve. Talk about cozy! Iceland may be the land of fire and ice, but we’d love to rest our heads here for a seriously charming and frigid Christmas.


Vienna, Austria

Austria is incredibly sweet, almost like a Christmas village come to life. See it around the holidays and you’ll see Vienna in its prime. Visit its Christmas Markets, drink mulled wine, visit a chestnut stand, and just try to stop yourself from snapping all the photos your phone can handle!

New York City

Bright lights, big city! Experiencing Christmas in NYC is unlike any other holiday. The grand scale of the store front decorations, enormous tree lighting, holiday music playing on the subway stations, snow falling over the fluorescent lights of Times Square or the quiet corners of Central Park. We believe New York City is in its prime around Christmas time.


Bethlehem, Jerusalem

To experience the real meaning of Christmas, a visit to Bethlehem would be the ultimate experience! A pilgrimage to Jesus’ birth place around the holidays is filled with so much energy. Visit Manger Square, attend a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and light a forest of Christmas trees in the Old City.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of coziness (hygge!) is a great place to rest your head over the holidays. Christmas around the world can wait. Nestle into a buzzing coffeeshop wearing your warmest knits and read a book!


Orlando, Florida

Disney knows how to bring the magic. Add Christmas traditions and any one would get in touch with their own sense of childlike wonder. Seeing the Magic Castle illuminated by crystallized lights and fireworks is quite a sight!

Hope you are getting into the holiday spirit, Dame Travelers! Wouldn’t it be magical to experience Christmas around the world every single year? A girl can dream, right?

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  • Aman Pratap Singh December 6, 2018 at 1:09 am

    These 11 places can make any traveller crazy about it. If you ask me where to go i would say, i will go to all of them at once. This kind of blog made me curious to explore places across globe. Thanks for sharing.

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