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10 Most Spectacular And Best California Beaches

California is always one of the most popular travel destinations in the US for its natural beauty, fabulous food and drink, the Hollywood, Silicon Valley and much more. The stunningly beautiful beaches of California too will always make the major attractions in the Golden State of California. If you are planning your next vacation in California, consider including visits to as many of the following most spectacular and best beaches in California as you can:

1. Cayucos State Beach
California is probably the last place you would expect an untouched beach would exist, but there are still actually virgin terrains in this populous state. The Cayucos State Beach is one of the best that you can visit. It is very laid-back, which is why a lot of people contemplating things about their life make their way here. Among the popular activities that are done in the Cayucos State Beach are fishing, kiteboarding, surfing, and kayaking.


2.  Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach is quite a crowded option for those living in southern California. It is the typical kind of California beach that we see on television shows and movies filled with men in beach shorts and women in bikinis. Beach volleyball is one activity that is done by many people in Manhattan Beach, which draws even more beachgoers. The large crowds that dot the coast do not diminish the greatness of this beach as it is still picture perfect.


3. Santa Monica State Beach
The Santa Monica State Beach is among the closest public beaches from the center of Los Angeles. It is also the most popular beach options for the stars and celebrities living in Hollywood and working in the film industry. Beach volleyball courts, bike paths, and beautiful mountains are key features of the spectacular beach view that can be seen near the Santa Monica Pier. Right after taking a dip in the turquoise waters of Santa Monica State Beach, you can go to the town’s many stores and restaurants to shop and dine.


4. Coronado Beach
Coronado Beach is arguably San Diego’s most famous beach. With the longest stretch of soft white sand imaginable, you will be able to undergo through the ultimate California beach experience. While a lot of people flock to this beach several times a year, it never becomes crowded.

As this is a large beach, having a beach cruiser bicycle is the best way to explore and enjoy the best of your stay at the beach. If you are a woman, you can consider having a women’s beach cruiser bike. If you want to have a bike of your own design, you can build your own beach cruiser as well. Coronado beach is also where you will be able to see the Hotel del Coronado, which served as the inspiration for the castle in the Wizard of Oz.  


5. Venice Beach
The proximity of the Venice Beach to Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego is one reason that it looks familiar to you. It has been featured several times already in beach-themed movies that were shot in California. With the gorgeous sand strips and cerulean waters, Venice Beach is beaming with life. There are a lot of performers like jugglers, singers and snake charmers that can be found near the beach. Plus, the tourist’s shops also sell a lot of good souvenir items.


6. Pfeiffer Beach
The Pfeiffer Beach would be on everyone’s list of best California beaches if it were not so hard to find. It is very secluded and hidden and is known for its rather rugged coastline. A key feature of this magnificent beach is the keyhole rock that stands out prominently on the coast. Another thing that makes the Pfeiffer Beach stand out is the fact that it has purple sand. It may be hard to find, but the beach is worth it.


7. East Beach
The East Beach in Santa Barbara is probably the stereotypical California beach that is on the mind of many people. It has a refreshing vibe, and the blue-green water of the beach has a soothing effect on practically anyone who is stressed at work. The good thing about the East Beach is the fact that it never gets too crowded so you can still relax even when a few people are walking around you. Make sure to visit the notable East Beach Grill near it as well.


8. Carmel Beach
Looking for the best sunset in California? Carmel Beach may be the place for you. Filled with pretty Cypress trees and silvery sand, the sight of orange and pink in the sky will make any stressed person loosen up. It is such a relaxing sight that it is almost a community event in this part of California.


9. Baker Beach
While not exactly the best place to go for a swim, Baker Beach has a lot of other things up on this sleeve. It does have an alluring seashore where you can go for a picnic the whole day. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, there is a nude beach in the north end of Baker Beach where you can take off your clothes.


10. Moonstone Beach
Fancy walking near the beach without having to step into the sand? The Moonstone Beach in Cambria is a pleasant option for you because is roomy and less crowded compared to other beaches nearby. Sea otters, whales, and dolphins also regularly drop by this beach, perfect for anyone who loves watching marine creatures.




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